About Me

A little bit about me, my journey and my passions

At the age of 7, my passion for technology was sparked by my brother, who suffers from a disease that almost renders him tetraplegic. Despite his condition, he found ways to engage me in tech and science, becoming the brain to my arm. We spent countless afternoons together, immersed in real-time strategic games like Caesar III and Age of Empires. His love for these games and technology deeply influenced me and inspired my career choice

From a young age, I was fascinated by the inner workings of computers. Whenever my brother's PC broke down he was used to call the maintenance guy and let him repair the broken pieces but once he finished I eagerly retrieved the discarded parts from the garbage, intent on dissecting and exploring their insides. Our curiosity and experimentation continued to grow, leading to pivotal moments in my journey.

There's an episode I remember like it was yesterday: Carlo (my brother's name) told me that inside a DVD reader there was a laser. I got so excited (image tell a 8yrs old kid that he can disassemble a part of the computer with a laser inside), I was expecting star-wars like technology but I ended up disappointed once I realised that the "laser" was just a little bulb on a plate.

In 2012 my brother gifted me my first computer, an iMac 21" with 4gb of ram. I started playing around with things and discovered the Adobe Suite. As I delved deeper into the creative possibilities I decided that once grown I wanted to be a VFX artist (I also had a small parenthesis with Cine4d and Blender). One day my brother introduced me to an even more mind-blowing concept: running my own website. This was something crazy for me, it was like having a billboard in the street, everyone could've seen it! Motived by this I requested my brother assistance in setting up a Wordpress account. Following in his footsteps as a journalist, I began writing articles about everything it came to my mind, from comics to Photoshop and After Effects tutorials, diving headfirst into the depths of the digital realm

That moment ignited my curiosity about how things worked on the web. My initial introduction to the developer world was through Corona SDK, a framework for building mobile apps in Lua (although, in hindsight, it may not have been the best choice).

Once again, my brother's support propelled me forward. He gifted me a Google Developer License, opening the doors for me to publish my creations on app stores. This marked the beginning of a rapid escalation in my journey. In 2015 I delved into tutorials on PHP and Node.js. Then in 2018 I got my first job as Intern Frontend Developer working with React and Next.js. This opportunity quickly evolved into a FullStack role, where I had the chance to explore Java/Kotlin and Spring Boot and also a bites of Go (learn more about my work experience in my cv).

To summarise, empowered by my brother's unwavering encouragement, I am now 24 and I'm employed as Software Engineer in a local startup trying to revolutionize the Blue Economy. I thrive perpetual learning and the exploration of emerging technologies. I am grateful for the opportunities I've had and the incredible experiences that have shaped me. I am excited to continue this journey, driven by my unwavering love for technology and the endless possibilities it offers.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my story. I look forward to connecting with you and creating remarkable digital experiences together.

You can find me on Twitter, Github and LinkedIn. You can learn more about my writings on my Medium and on my blog